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Neighbouring Islands

“Neighbouring Islands” – is an exciting graphic novel, key feature of which is an opportunity to take part in its events, directly influencing the development of the plot. Every decision of the player-reader can change the course of the narrative in one direction or another. Explore all the ways of completing this amazing story, earning interesting achievements.

Features of this project:

  • Non-linear and engrossing plot;
  • Different endings to the story you create;
  • Vivid and thought-out characters;
  • Carefully designed world, beautiful and detailed maps will help you navigate it;
  • Magnificent authorial soundtracks, helping you immerse yourself deeper in the story;
  • Pirate setting, mixed with mystery and adventure;
  • Regular updates, moving the story forward!

A little about the plot

Year 1710, Golden Age of Piracy. The story begins in one of numerous taverns of the island Tortuga, located in the north of Caribbean basin. Right here, the crew of the pirate vessel ‘Siren Santy’ agrees to take part in a risky venture of their captain, setting sail to the expanses of troubled waters of the legendary Devil’s Triangle. The following events will take the seafarers to the expanses of unexplored tropical islands, hiding many secrets and mysteries of the past. The protagonist, pirate and daredevil Robert O’Sallivan, will have to pass many trials in a fight for his own life and lives of his comrades.


Why will our visual novel definitely not leave you indifferent?
Because we try to make them special, guided by the following principles:


We put interesting story ideas in them, which we have lacked in other games.


We – are gamers, the same as you. And we make games thoughtfully, doing our best.


There is a lot of anime in modern VN. Our graphics are unusual for the genre, and this is valuable.



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